Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NBA Could Grind To Halt With Ref Holdout

News comes today that the NBA and the referees' union (umpire and referee unions always seem to be the most powerful in the world...why the hell is that?) are far apart on a deal in which the NBA is asking the refs to cut their budget across the board by 10%.

Apparently things are serious enough that established referees may not be allowed to take part in preseason games.  The referees have responded as follows:

The referees have argued against the sort of budget cuts widely imposed on team and league office staff members by insisting the late hours they work and difficult travel conditions they endure in addition to the injury risks they're subjected to make them unlike any other group of NBA employees.

Well, that's a pretty sensible and I can really see where they're BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Who in god's name do these assholes think they are?  They can't police their own, they've been caught in one of the worst scandals in the past decade, they have one of the sweetest jobs in sports, they somehow manage to be worse than referees of basketball at a lower level, and now they're refusing to take the same pay cut everyone else in the league (like...uh...the players) will have to endure?  Incredible!

Stern must be licking his chops like a modern-day Reagan.  These buffoons just gave him an excuse to get them out of the door and hire a bunch of cheaper, less crotchety referees who in all honesty can't be any worse than the officials the NBA has used for the past ten years.

Please god let these referees stand strong like Joey Crawford against a Tim Duncan smile.

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