Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Excuse me? I'm sorry?

Chris Bosh will be releasing a CD, DVD and iPhone application this fall.

Bosh's DVD will include all of the "original comic" characters he has created in videos uploaded to YouTube, as well as an inside look at Bosh's life in Dallas and how he made it to the NBA.
The CD will feature music by some of Bosh's favourite artists, as well as recordings from new artists. Bosh is soliciting songs from unsigned artists, giving them a chance to submit songs for consideration for the album.
Bosh's iPhone application will allow fans to keep track of the NBA superstar with automatic updates from his Twitter feed, when he posts a video on YouTube and to keep track of his game statistics during the NBA season. Bosh is the first athlete to have his own iPhone application.
I think I speak for every single fan in the NBA when I say "What?"

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