Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fuck You, Ricky Rubio

I'm sick and tired of hearing about Ricky Rubio and after this, I'm not going to waste my time writing about that little Spanish asshole.

WAH WAH WAH I don't want to play in Minnesota daddy!  Fuck you, you Spanish cockstuffer.  Go play in European leagues where everyone sucks and no one gives a shit about you.

WAH WAH WAH We drafted him and can't get him!  Fuck you, David Kahn.  You should have just stuck with Flynn, or gotten someone else, because Rubio sucks anyway and his only skill is passing.

WAH WAH WAH New York Knicks.  Fuck you!  I'm so tired of this team trying to get hyped shitty players. He sucks at everything every good Knicks point guard has ever been good at.  REMEMBER CHRIS CHILDS!

Every single party who is involved in this Rubio debacle drives me nuts.  The media who calls him the next Maravich (except for the fact that he can't shoot).  People who think his performance in the Olympics will translate into NBA suitability (except for the fact that they play with a college three point line and he was being defended by JASON FUCKING KIDD THE WORST FUCKING DEFENSIVE POINT GUARD IN THE NBA).  (Also, look at the box score for the gold medal game here.  Not impressive.)  People that argue that his age belies unlimited potential (see Telfair, Sebastian).

Anyone who thinks this is a good move for Rubio is an idiot.  He'll play with second-rate competition under second-rate coaches and he'll still be a terrible defender who isn't used to shooting NBA three pointers and who doesn't know the game as well as someone with an NCAA pedigree (like, say Johnny Flynn).

This is the end of Ricky Rubio's publicity here for the near future.  Fuck you, Ricky Rubio.


Prolow said...

Ricky rubio asshole. David Kahn Moron. Apparently the issue also revolves around the cost of the buyout being handled by marketing dollars lost in Minnesota.Why Kahn didn't just trade down or just trade the rights to rubio to some team like the Knicks I will never understand.

MattG21 said...

The Minnesota-Kahn-Man.


Anonymous said...

Just a question for you: would you go to play in a team (and another continent) with no salary? remember he had to pay to his last team (La Penya) a huge amount of money to go to USA... and he couldn't being the n5.

first, he tried to see if La Penya could ask so much money and finally they (the team) said he couldn't play there any more. And he changed to the Bareclona team and we are very happy because we are playing soooo well. We have the perfect team. GrĂ cies Ricky!