Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Marquis Daniels to Celtics

Danny Ainge is quite the enigma as the Celtics general manager.  On the one hand, he makes boneheaded decisions like trading for Raef LaFrentz, letting James Posey get away after he was key to their championship, and signing a busted Rasheed Wallace.  On the other hand, he does consistently well in the draft and often makes great signings like this one (in which Daniels took a lower amount of $1.99M to play for the Celts).

I used to hate Ainge but obviously let up on him after the Celtics put together their championship team.  I was ready to start again after he busted up their role players and left three older stars to fend for themselves, but in all honesty the team looks pretty strong going into this year.  I love Marquis Daniels and think this makes the Celtics a hell of a lot more interesting.

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