Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Isiah, and...that's your cue.

Like many Knicks fans, I am happy that Isiah is no longer President but not happy that he is still involved with the team. As Jerry Seinfeld noted, when you remove a band-aid, you need to get it right off!.

I'm a little remiss to do two birthdays in two days, but let's remember, Isiah is one of the great players in NBA history and the most influential player in the last twenty, er, thirty years (jesus!) not named Jordan, Bird, or Magic.

Pretty impressive for a guy who never made the 20,000 point club, was 6-1, 180, and played during one of the roughest eras in basketball history.

Unfortunately, Isiah did have one weakness, which was exposed by an unlikely foe.

Dig that Jordan jumpsuit Will Smith is wearing in old Hornets colors....mmm!

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