Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Playoff Word Association

Hey, everybody, it's time for playoff word association!

Lakers: Good
Nuggets: Bad
George Karl: GM
Phil Jackson: Coach

Atlanta: "Scrappy"
Boston: "Scurvy"

Joe Johnson: Score
Josh Smith: Dunk
Al Horford: Smash
Ray Allen: What?

Jerry Sloan: Preeminent
Houston Rockets: Fucked

Tony Parker: Lucky
Steve Nash: Unlucky

Chris Paul: Maverick
Jason Kidd: Goose

Chris Bosh: Alone

Dwight Howard: Score
Dwight Howard: Dunk
Dwight Howard: Smash

LeBron: Brooklyn
Arenas: Mars

Maybe there's a reason I don't get paid for this and no one reads it...

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MattG21 said...

The Suns played like shit...whether it's D'Antoni's fault or not...they played like shit. Nash was outplayed BADLY by Parker -- and you know I'm not a Parker fan. He averaged 30 ppg and made only 2 3-pointers the whole series...he was driving and taking Nash off the dribble every possession. The Suns sucked in the halfcourt, and ridiculously enough, Boris Diaw was the only reason they won a game, and Game 5 was close. D'Antoni just looked frustrated with his team the entire series...he had calls going his way and was still flipping out. He needs a break. I think he's a good coach, but they definitely didn't play for him. I've liked the Suns, but watching them suck against the Spurs makes me think that group of players is all-over-but-the-tears.

On that note...If the Knicks don't throw boat-loads of money at D'Antoni, they are idiots. I think that goes hand in hand with replacing 90% of the players too.

JimmyValente said...

I don't know if Donnie Walsh will agree with you. Sure, D'Antoni's competed in the toughest conference and come close to beating the best team in the NBA on many occasions, but his color commentary credentials are questionable.

Nothing like looking down the barrel of the Mark Jackson/Kenny Smith era.

JimmyValente said...

If you were implying that I was being unfair when I implied Parker is lucky, you were right.

My point wasn't that Parker is bad and Nash is good and that Parker just lucked out. As a matter of fact, I think Steve Nash is one of the worst defenders in the NBA and this often gets forgotten about in light of his offensive ability and gregarious personality.

Rather, I was making a statement about their matchups throughout the years, in which the Suns have endured some of the most agonizing (and I would argue unfair) losses in basketball's recent history. Steve Nash has done just about everything he could to win, and Parker has oftentimes disappeared for games at a time (not this year, yet). But Parker has many rings and and Steve is left out in the lurch. Oh, and there's Eva.


MattG21 said...


With the recent development of Avery Johnson being fired, I don't think he'd be a bad fit in NY either.

He's firey and won't stand for his players slacking off or not playing hard. Which I would say was a minor problem for this Knicks team. I know he's a country boy and all that shit and NYers might not take to him, but honestly this is a team that needs a barking, "little general" -- that was his nickname right?

I can't remember who it was, but some team is looking to interview Mark Jackson -- and it wasn't the Knicks, so you've got that going for you...

MattG21 said...

I wrote my comment without seeing your latest reply.

I was just commenting on how much Parker torched Nashy. I agree with everything you said. Nash sucks at D...Parker is helped more than any other player by having TD on his team. How the hell does Parker have such shitty assist numbers? Oh, i know why...he's a shitty point guard.

JimmyValente said...

If Avery Johnson coaches the Knicks, that might be it for me. I don't think I'm the only one.