Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Devin Harris: MVP

It really bugs me how journalists are trying to find the story they think everyone wants to read: that the 'lil general pushed the big storm trooper and the MVP finally pushed his team to victory. It's bullshit. Patent bullshit. You know who the MVP of last night's game was?

Devin Fucking Harris. That man above scored or assisted on every single point in the fourth quarter that wasn't a free throw. Every one. He hit Dirk for both of the two field goals he scored... (all of the rest of Dirk's points came on free throws). He got the scoring started. He assisted Croshere, the only other Maverick with a field goal in the fourth quarter. Dallas would be in its off-season right now if it wasn't for him. Dirk played a big part, but Devin was the guy.

And while I'm on the subject of Dallas players, let me just say that Jason Terry is the biggest non-Bowen cocksucker in the NBA (even if Baron was acting). What a cheapshot move he pulled on Baron Davis, who was smoking him mercilessly (again). I like guys who play a little rough in the spirit of hustle, who foul you on what should be an easy layup and put themselves at risk because they want to win so badly. I don't like guys like Terry who throw cheap shots when dudes aren't looking, when the ball's not live, and when they're getting smoked because they suck. I have always been lukewarm to Jason Terry, and now I just think he is a big pussy. There is no explanation for the referees leaving him in except for fear instilled by Mark Cuban's incessant attempts to get the commissioner's office to discipline them for not making more pro-Dallas calls.

Just in case it's not clear, I now officially hate Dallas. Mark Cuban, ever the class loser, said of coach Don Nelson, who is making Cuban and his team look like foolish, spoiled front-runners: "I said it [to him in 2003] and I think it [now][that he only performs well as an underdog]. That's one of the areas we didn't get along. Some people are afraid to lose. You can't be afraid to lose if you're going to be a winner. You see it in business all the time. Guess what? No balls, no babies, right? You've got to go for it and I don't think Nellie's got that attitude. And that was a conflict. That was a big conflict."

Yeah, I'm sure the second-winningest coach in NBA history, who has won three coach of the year awards and was voted by his peers to be one of the top-10 coaches in NBA history in 1997, who turned the Mavericks around with his unconventional thinking, and who can go home at night and polish a championship ring for his thumb, index, middle, ring, and pinky (that pinky one is the hardest) finger is really afraid of winning. He probably needs to learn how to win from a guy who invented streaming radio and got bought out by Yahoo! at the height of ridiculous tech buyouts, a real winner whose life was going nowhere until he stumbled on a good idea. The only bigger bullshit than Cuban implying that Don Nelson is not a winner is his implication that he is some sort of businessman. I could be a businessman, too, if I had scored a billion bucks off of a pet-rock idea.

Well, Don't Ever Give Up supports real winners, and that is one thing Mark Cuban ain't (unless you're talking about the lottery). As always, e-mail me at


Jayinee said...

Awesome job today! Great writing and excellent arguments. Plus I totally agree with you on the content and I'm glad someone in this dirk obsessed season is ballsy enough to say something that isn't the verbal equivalent of licking his stank feet.

Jayinee said...

On a separate note, you should conduct your own study about the claims of racism amongst nba refs.

MattG21 said...

I'm looking forward to the MVP presentation...via satelite from Dirk's house. Why are people so stupid. I would have voted Kobe, Nash, Gilbert, and Chris Mullin ahead of Dirk this year...Yes he was on a good team...TEAM being the key word. If you eliminate Dirk from that team, somebody else steps up the scoring and they're still probably a 50 win team. He easily had his worst season out of the last 3, it just so happens that his team was good this time. Big deal. It's MVP, not MVPOGT (most valuable player on a good team).

I just said "team" a lot.

Anonymous said...

With the Mavs going down to the Warriors, what team in the west is going to step up and get to the finals? And when they do, how are they gonna beat an Eastern Conf. team that plays excellent defense. Pistons in five. Bank it!

James said...

Racism: Next blog;
Dirk: Sucky. Josh Howard's the best player on the team.
Team: Does contain the word "me". Does not contain the word "Dirk".
Underrated MVP: Jason Kidd, whose team would have been in complete shambles without him.