Friday, February 23, 2007

Just a little tidbit

Just a little tidbit of information here; I recently read this on The Links, the daily page put up by Lang Whitaker on (Which I highly recommend).

"Anyway, Wednesday night I was laid out on the couch, simultaneously recovering from Vegas, preparing for the trip I’m on now and engrossed in League Pass, when I recalled that the Rockets and Heat were playing on ESPN. Shaq/Riley/Wade? Sure. So I flipped over and watched the second quarter, and watched as Dwyane Wade carried the Heat. The Rockets ran up a lead, but every time the Rockets appeared ready to blow it open, Wade would drive and get an and-one, or he’d nail a three or make a play on defense. Wade was single-handedly keeping the Heat in that game. Pat Riley was subbing guys in and out without much effect, and the Heat were so ineffective on the interior that Dikembe Mutombo was dominant.

(I need to do a whole post on the Rockets soon, too. What a weird team that is. Rafer Alston is playing huge minutes, T-Mac is doing his thing, and then there’s Battier and about 10 complementary guys that shuffle in and out. And they just execute the heck out of you with their offense. They’ve quietly coasted to 15 games over .500, without Yao and T-Mac for large portions of the season. This is officially my darkhorse playoff team.)"

Holler at your boy.

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